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Projects & Activities

List of projects and activities 

​​​​​​​​​​​Important projects and activities

since 1990

Engagement with the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and its predecessors

Co-author of German translation of Global Reporting Index Nr. 101 "Biodiversity Standard"

Co-author of German translation of Global Reporting Index Nr. 13 "Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fishing Sectors 2022"
Proof-reading of "Chemical Security Risk Assessment Handbook" by Sandia Laboratories

Co-author and editorial team member for brochure "Indicative Guidelines forChemical Safety and Security in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises toFoster the Peaceful Uses of Chemistry" sponsored by OPCW (The Hague, Netherlands and Almaty, Kazakhstan)
Member of Selection Committee for EU CBRN Centres of Excellence (CoE) Competition in the Southeast and Eastern European Region (Tbilisi, Georgia)


Conducting a survey to improve inspections under Art. VI of the Chemical Weapons Convention (The Hague, Netherlands and Brussels, Belgium; misc. countries worldwide)


Developing a process to define the most relevant, UN Sustainable Development Goals for a Multinational Company and other entities which is certifiable (Essen, Germany)


Co-author and editorial team member for "The Hague Ethical Guidelines" sponsored by OPCW
(The Hague, Netherlands)

Team member for Corporate Sustainability Reports; gaining Sustainability Awards for Evonik, especially the German Sustainability Award for Multinational Company
Co-founder of internal Agricultural Network
Linking Evonik’s Bioeconomy Activities with Key Players in Brazil, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand
Global Harmonization of Compliance Processes and IT tools
As General Manager, Integration of Chinese Activities (about 900 employees) into Global Business; Introduction of Safety Management Systems in China

Building of KPI and Controlling System for R&D and Integration of Innovation Management Systems of two Business Units


Developing Turnaround Scenarios for Japanese and Indian Joint Ventures
2006 – 2007
Integration of Specialty Silicas from Commodity Area to Speciality
Several Controlling Projects; Developing a Closure Scenario for British Plant site
1998 – 2002
Successful Remediation and Restructuring of Highly Contaminated Old Plant Site
Lead in Certification of First Degussa Plant Site According to EU EMAS-Regulation incl. Environmental Report
Management of Authorities and Permitting for Relocation of Manufacturing Site from Hanau Center to Hanau-Wolfgang
1991- 1993
Participation in Introduction of Environmental Audits at Degussa AG
1991- 1992
Participation in “Dialogpartner Umwelt” Program of Fonds der Chemischen Industrie

Setting Up and Putting into Operation of first Applied Technology Laboratory for Environmental Protection in U.S.A.

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