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On a global basis
  • Moderating and supporting workshops, conferences, internal events on disarmament, non-proliferation, sustainability, safety&security, international cooperation and related topics

  • Embedding sustainability topics in disarmament and non-proliferation strategies, processes and topics

  • Coaching government institutions, private enterprises and NGO‘s in strengthening the disarmament, non-proliferation sustainability, safety&security, international cooperation agenda

  • Giving expert advice on chemicals and their relevance to national and international control regimes

  • Helping companies implement processes to comply with national and international regulations and prevent the misuse of chemicals

  • Researching the use of chemicals for illicit purposes

  • Obtaining historical documents

  • Providing expertise on sound management of chemicals

  • Introducing safety and security culture for enterprises

  • Providing declarations according to the Chemical Weapons Convention

  • Preparing for and providing assistance to plant site management during inspections under the Chemical Weapons Convention

  • Writing, editing and translating articles, presentations, posters etc. in German and English

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